Shipping Costs and Delivery Times

Shipping costs & delivery times

On this page you will find the different shipping costs and average delivery times for regular mail within the EU and non-EU countries. Additional customs and handling fees may apply in some countries.

Shipping service provider

If a product can only be shipped by a forwarding agent, this will be displayed in the shipping options in the shopping cart.

Standard shipping is through

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If free shipping is not displayed for the product:

Prices in EUR per weight class:

Zone: Package up to 2 kg Package up to 5 kg Package up to 10 kg Package up to 20 kg Package up to 31.5 kg
EU 8.89€ 15.99€ 20.99€ 31.99€ 44.99€
Switzerland and UK 15.89€ 26.90€ 34.99€ 48.99€ 55.99€
Rest of Europe 15.89€ 29.99€ 37.99€ 52.99€ 60.00€
United States 15.89€ 36.99€ 53.99€ 75.99€ 105.99€
North African Territories, Canada, Middle East, Parts of Asia 15.89€ 37.99€ 51.99€ 71.99€ 98.99€
China 15.89€ 42.99€ 58.99€ 94.99€ 125.99€
Rest of world 15.89€ 45.99€ 61.99€ 100.99€ 131.99€

Delivery times

  • The delivery time for a product is shown on the respective product pages in the shop.

  • Standard transit times for DHL shipping in Germany: 1-2 working days

  • Standard transit times in non-EU countries: 5-13 working days, although we have no influence on customs processing times

  • Delivery times for customized products may deviate from this information.

Delivery terms

From an order value of 50.00 € we usually ship free of charge. For orders that weigh more than 31.5 kg, we will charge the actual freight costs in special cases. Prior to this, an employee contacts the customer. We reserve the right to split deliveries that weigh more than 31.5 kg over several partial deliveries.

Depending on the target country outside the EU additional custom charges might apply.


Duty-free delivery within Germany and the EU.