• Input 1    
    combined XLR/6.3 mm (1/4”) jack socket switchable
    as piezo, line or mic input.
    Special P/M mode for connecting a
    piezo pickup and an active electret mic
    capsule directly. Switchable
    9 or 48 V phantom power and gain control
  • Input 2
    6.3 mm (1/4”) input jack socket as line input
    or piezo input, gain control
    Equalizer three band tone controls with
    bass parametric and bandwidth-switch

    digital effect processor with 16 presets
  • Power amp
    60 W / 4 ohms
  • Analog signal processing
    subsonic filter, adaptive peak limiter
  • Speaker system
    2-way speaker system, 8” (200 mm)
    twin cone speaker plus tweeter
  • Features
    adjustable aux in, headphones, tuner out,
    insert, line out, left/right out, parallel
    effect loop and footswitch
    (switch internal/external effect and mute channels),
    adjustable DI-out (pre/post effect switchable),
    presence control
  • Dimensions
    260 mm x 325mm x 240 mm
    (10.20“ x 12.80“ x 9.45“), HxWxD
  • Weight
    7.7 kg (16.9 lbs)