She forms her first band with her then 13-year-old neighbor and writes her first songs - at that time still in English. Little by little, she develops her own way of writing and singing and also goes more and more in depth lyrically.

"Writing is my therapy. My way of expressing my feelings. I don't like to talk much about myself. In my songs I process everything that occupies and moves me." Says she about herself. A lot has happened since her 15th birthday.

Photocredit: Eva Maria Schmidt

Nadine has been allowed to share the stage with some of her musical heroes, has already released an EP and three studio albums, has been able to place several of her songs on the major radio hit lists, has been working with the management of the Fantastischen Vier for some time now and has long since made a name for herself in the German singer-songwriter scene. She has found her very own sound.