Anna.Luca finds great joy in ignoring and bending genre boundaries. Her new album SMALL FRIENDLY GIANT is first and foremost a journey in the footsteps of her own roots - a musical journey through her own biography. Anna.Luca has poured her own story into her music, giving it the melodic abstraction found only in jazz. Structure and outburst alternate, improvisations are followed by pre-composed, polyphonic structures. Scandinavian, melancholic melodies and complex rhythmic structures can unfold organically together. Anna.Luca and her band are searching for musical and lyrical freedom, but also for unpretentious transparency. Playful one moment, expressive and intense the next. Fairy tales blur with long-ago memories, urban complexity transforms into dark forests, and in it all is the desire to capture life in its entirety in a single glimpse of one moment.

Photo: Arne Schramm

And because there are always stories to be told, fights to be fought and wounds to licked, Anna.Luca can't find rest. She is currently working on her third solo-album. It´s a homage to all the women in her life, an album about motherhood, womanhood, sisterhood and love. Anna.Luca has joined up with producer Rasmus Zschoch. Together they started to draw more heavily from electronic music again, using electronic instrumentation to contrast her lyrical melodies and the depth of her storytelling. 

He is great to have a musician like Anna in the AER family.

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